About Cafecito Caliente

About Cafecito Caliente

WHAT WE DO: The Cafecito Caliente Group brings to the forefront what is happening in and around the Mid-Michigan area that involves the Latino community. We are a strong voice and leader in the Latino community and along with that position we accept the responsibility of helping to not only create events, but to help bring resources into the community.

WHAT WE HAVE CREATED: The initial idea was what I called the Latinos2College Project. It was a set of 40 ideas written in 2007 meant to enhance the Latino community. We started in 2007 by restarting Latino Clubs for the Lansing School District’s three high schools. In 2009 we created Latinos2College Day at Michigan State University. Each year we take up to 200 high school students to MSU to expose them to college life. In May 2012 we began Latino Day with the Lugnuts and each year sell over 400 tickets and include folkloric dancers, Tejano Bands, and recognize the Latin Old Timers Baseball Leagues from 1946-1979. September of 2012 brought the Cafecito Caliente website which documents the Mid Michigan Latino community. In 2016 we added the Cafecito Caliente Discount Card. On September 15, 2018 we start up the Cafecito Caliente 5k Run/Walk complete with un cafecito y pan dulce (coffee and Mexican sweet bread). On Saturday, May 4, 2019, the Cinco de Mayo 5K Run/Walk comes to fruition.

WHAT’S DIFFERENT: Cafecito Caliente has added a Cafecito Networking Night four times a year using different locations around the city. Originally started in August of 2016, we didn’t see the need to do monthly mixers, but we still seen an opportunity to bring people from the community together. Networking nights will be held in March, May, August and October in the calendar year of 2018. For those wanting to meet the Latino community and showcase your resources or just connect with other Latinos, this is for you. Contact me for the next date and location or if your business or organization would like to host this event to bring awareness to your group.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: I unhesitatingly recommend Sein Paul Benavides. Although a real mover and shaker, Sein accomplishes many things in a quiet unassuming manner. He has attained many goals within the Lansing Latino/Hispanic/Chicano community. Sein is a soft-spoken, but effective leader in the community. Thank you for all that you do.
George Mansour, PhD

Publisher’s Note: If you notice an emptiness on the site between October 2015 until January 2018 there is a reason why. September 30, 2015, I was celebrating the culture at the Chavez and Hispanic Heritage Dinner in Lansing and not knowing my life would change greatly over the next 8 hours. I suffered a traumatic brain injury getting hit at my workplace by a turnstile that malfunctioned. Or as the guy in ER asked, “how does it feel to get hit by the equivalent of an aluminum baseball bat?” My family doctor called it the 2nd worst concussion he had ever seen. My photographer at the dinner was my 17 year old daughter who finished posting the pictures of that event which were eventually lost along with all of our content dating back to 2012 when the website was not renewed as I went through recovery. I gathered what I could find on the internet, my Facebook pages and recreated the website and was finally considered completely healthy (or as close as I will ever get) in January 2018. We have since went back to work in the community and I look forward to bringing you the many treasures of the Latino community in Mid-Michigan.

TAGLINE: “If you want to get to know the Latino community, I better be one of the five people you have at the table”.

Contact me to schedule a time to meet:
Email: seinpaul65@gmail.com
Telephone: (517) 303-7001