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About Cafecito Caliente

WHAT WE DO: The Cafecito Caliente Group brings to the forefront what is happening in and around the Mid-Michigan area that involves the Latino community. We are a strong voice and leader in the Latino community and along with that position we accept the responsibility of helping to not only create events, but to help bring resources into the community.

WHAT WE HAVE CREATED: The initial idea was what I called the Latinos2College Project. It was a set of 40 ideas written in 2007 meant to enhance the Latino community. We started in 2007 by restarting Latino Clubs for the Lansing School District’s three high schools. In 2009 we created Latinos2College Day at Michigan State University. Each year we took up to 200 high school students to MSU to expose them to college life. In May 2012 we began Latino Day with the Lugnuts and each year sell over 400 tickets and include folkloric dancers, Tejano Bands, and recognize the Latin Old Timers Baseball Leagues from 1946-1979. September of 2012 brought the Cafecito Caliente website which documents the Mid Michigan Latino community. We added a Business Directory in 2014 which highlights over 150 Latino owned businesses in the area. In September 2016 we added the Cafecito Caliente Discount Card. September of 2016 Cafecito Networking Nights began and offers to introduce you to the Latino community. September 15, 2018 we started up the Cafecito Caliente 5k Run/Walk which kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month. Late summer 2020 the Running La Vida Loca 5k Series began which includes four 5k Races celebrating Cinco de Mayo, Frida Kahlo, Loteria (Mexican Bingo) and Hispanic Heritage Month.  

WHAT’S COMING: Cafecito Caliente looks to 2021 by offering support to a few different causes. With the groundwork starting in Saginaw, we are starting the Cafecito Caliente Hispanic Leadership Institute in April 2021. We also will be creating a new organization which will act as a community resource. A community group led by the community.  

WHAT OTHERS SAY: I unhesitatingly recommend Sein Paul Benavides. Although a real mover and shaker, Sein accomplishes many things in a quiet unassuming manner. He has attained many goals within the Lansing Latino/Hispanic/Chicano community. Sein is a soft-spoken, but effective leader in the community. Thank you for all that you do.
George Mansour, PhD

Publisher’s Note: Cafecito has positioned itself as one of the best channels to reach the Greater Lansing Latino community. We have a Facebook group that has over 1100 members of which 98% are from the Lansing area and 95% are Latino. Why not reach out to us and see how you might be able to fit into the Latino community or even better, how you can work with Cafecito Caliente to better partner with this growing demographic.

TAGLINE: “If you want to get to know the Latino community, I better be one of the five people you have at the table”.

Contact me to schedule a time to meet:
Email: seinpaul65@gmail.com
Telephone: (517) 303-7001