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Independant Consultant Contact: Cristalinda Conklin
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Mary Kay Ash built a global independent sales force that today numbers more than 3 million women and is respected by business and academic leaders. How? The secret is in her book, The Mary Kay Way, a Wall Street Journal bestseller.
For forty-eight years, the principles in The Mary Kay Way have helped the Company succeed through changing economic times and explosive global growth. It has been said that no company wholeheartedly embodies the values and reflects the beliefs of its founder more than Mary Kay Inc.
Recognized today as America’s greatest woman entrepreneur, Mary Kay Ash stepped out into a man’s world in 1963 to blaze a new path for women. She grew her business based not on the rules of competition but on The Golden Rule. By “praising people to success” and “sandwiching every bit of criticism between two heavy layers of praise,” this energetic Texan opened new opportunities for women around the world and built a multibillion-dollar corporation. And after nearly fifty years, her timeless people-centered philosophies drive her global Company and continue to touch the lives of people worldwide.