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Complete Concrete & Masonry

Contact: Frank Urbina
Home 12082 E. Greenfield Rd. Lansing Michigan 48917 Phone: 517-507-9453


So, if you need a professional contractor to help lay down your concrete properly, you need to contact Complete Concrete & Masonry. In fact, they’re just as near as a click of a mouse. Once you find us, we will be at your home and show you just how easily it can be to have your home and walkways properly paved for the benefit of you and your loved ones.

There’s nothing more impressive to a homeowner than to have a home that is neatly and properly paved by a concrete professional.
It can be a thing of beauty when people observe just how smooth your grounds are, and it’s that way because of the hard-working efforts of the Complete Concrete & Masonry, who are ever at the ready to help fulfill your concrete needs.

So contact our professionals today so we can show you just how easy it can be to pave your driveway and walkway.