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Contact: Victoria Salazar
Phone: (517) 258-5464 Website: Posie Errands


Posie Errands was inspired after becoming a new mom. Like most new moms I quickly discovered how difficult it can be finding time to balance dirty diapers, play groups, cooking, cleaning, laundry, errands, other house hold chores and part time work. As a parent to an active middle school student, welcoming our new baby boy in 2018, I realized my sole mission in life quickly became to try and increase the number of hours in each day! With my husband working full time and running his own business my plate was full. Many times I wished I could’ve had that extra hand to help hold a bottle, pick up groceries, run to the pharmacy or just simply relieve some of the work load.

Being a mom is the hardest thing you’ll ever do, but without a doubt one of the most rewarding. I went to work determined to develop a system that could help others find a balance just as I did. After a year of teaching myself to become more efficient and organized with my time and daily duties, I was inspired to start Posie Errands!

I want to be able to help another stay at home mom/dad, business owner, student, senior citizen or anyone that just simply needs more time or help to accomplish task each day. We all could use a helping hand when it comes to crossing something off our to do list. Being pulled in 10 different directions is never ending, so let me take some of the stress out of the equation so you have more time to focus on family, friends or work!

Contact me today to set up and organize your next errand!
I look forward to hearing from you!

~ Victoria