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A&M Supreme Auto Repair

Miguel Perez Contact: Amanda Perez
Home 5700 S. Pennsylvania Ave. Lansing Michigan 48911 Phone: 517-507-1414 Website: A&M Supreme Auto Repair


Our vision here at A&M Supreme Auto Repair is to continue a business that serves our community.
Three things our company was built on:
1.) Integrity – Staying honest and building a trusting, personal relationship with each customer.
2.) Passion – Passion- Our passion for cars and our passion to help others and maintain their vehicles run deep. From Classic Cars to newer models we strive for excellence every time these vehicles are brought through our doors.
3.) Family – From our customers to our employees. Most Importantly is family. We are a family owned company and we strive to make everyone feel welcomed and at home.
Automotive Repair, Automotive Maintenance, Heating and Cooling, Suspension, Wheel Alignments, Electrical Systems, Custom Exhaust, Transmission, Engine, Brakes, Diagnostic, Battery Service, Oil Changes, Noises And Leak, Water Pumps, Radiators, Head Gasket, Anti-Lock Systems, Fuel Systems, Control Arms, Steering Racks, Mufflers, Exhaust Pipes, Front & Rear, Differentials